Vietnamese Pork Pintxo with Shrimp Fried Rice

Love the ingredients!

Notes from a Papaya Thief

grilled pork with fried rice grilled pork with fried rice

I love and miss Vietnamese food more than anything else on this island, except for maybe Alaskan salmon or dungeness crab. The barbeque pork that you get in bun chaΒ sometimes, or bahn mi, is sweet and aromatic. Put it onΒ spicy fried rice with fresh herbs, serve it with cold glass noodles and nuoc cham withΒ mint and cucumber, put it in a sandwich with pickled daikons and carrots, mayo and sriracha…

This marinade is pretty universal. Make a full batch and refrigerate the rest for later in the week. It develops a deeper flavor after a few days. When you’re ready to grill, marinate the tenderloin or the chop for an hour two, or longer depending on the thickness of the cut. Roll in olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and grill away. As always, tryΒ not to let it overcook and dry out.

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