Weight Loss Wednesday: Foods I’ve Learned to Love

A Little More Each Day

As I sit here this morning eating my big bowl of fruit with breakfast, I have a confession to make: I never liked blueberries. My husband could never understand how someone could dislike blueberries but I didn’t appreciate that blueberry mix of earthy and sweet back before I overhauled my eating. I ate fruit but I preferred more intensely sweet fruits.


Now I appreciate that complicated blueberry flavor and they are in regular rotation in our house. That got me thinking about other foods I’ve learned to love since I started eating healthier:

– One of my first discoveries was a love of butternut squash. Thanks to veggies being free on the Weight Watchers program, I tried out lots of fruits and veggies early on so I could still eat lots of food while still keeping within my daily points. I love butternut squash roasted like potatoes as a snack…

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