An Apple a Day…

International Food Factory

An Apple a Day keep Androids away… 

Jokes apart, Apple comes with many benefits i wonder why it doesn’t belong to royal family of fruits? We all have heard that an apple a day keep doctors away, but how many of us actually have an apple every day or even twice or thrice a day? Not many! Even I wasn’t keen enough to have apple every morning maybe because unhealthy, deep fried, yummilicious food is available easily, so lazy bums like me would rather go for that. Until now!! As i chose to take a healthy turn to get a smexy body, I’m having this magical fruit almost every morning.

Apples contain Soluble fiber which actually slow down the digestion system so you can feel full for longer period resulting in weight loss. Previously, even if i had some toast with spread (mayo, PBJ etc.) i would be so hungry…

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